About us

Centre for Enhancing Cognitive Capacities

- CeCC -

Every child is special and deserves a chance to pursue their utmost potential

- M. Hegelund (Founder, CeCC)


To transform, empower and nurture individuals allowing them to unlock their endless possibilities in life.

To provide Cognitive exercises that are based on the Principles of Neuroplasticity to strengthen learning capabilities by targeting weak cognitive areas.

We at the Centre for Enhancing Cognitive Capacities (CeCC) embrace and believe that given a chance, every child can be successful in learning. With the right methodology, tools and environment, the majority of learning disabilities can be overcome.


Driven by this belief, we started this noble journey of helping parents and their children identify the learning disabilities within individual learners. Subsequently, with our team of extensively-trained tutors, we formulate individual intervention measures which we then apply to the affected learners through exercises that seek to transform the root cause of the disability.


Students who come to the Centre for Enhancing Cognitive Capacities have been struggling in school with their experience and are already showing a pattern of learning difficulties. The Arrowsmith Program cognitive exercises offered at our centre strengthen fundamental aspects of learning such as attention, comprehension, working memory, communication, reasoning, numeracy, social-emotional intelligence and wellbeing. The Program has been transformative for individuals with specific learning difficulties including dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, processing speed, attention difficulties, working memory, and executive function issues in life.